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Technologies We Track

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence is humanity’s most powerful gift. Our unique ability to learn by observation and think creatively is the reason our species can now build rockets and perform surgery.

Can we ever truly outsource that type of "general intelligence" to machines?

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Advanced Robotics

In July 2020, Liverpool researchers built a robot scientist that can work 21.5 hours per day. This robot ran 688 experiments in 8 days, discovering a new chemical catalyst—all on its own.

Fueled by deep learning AI, is the long-promised robot revolution finally here?

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Internet of Things

Every second that goes by, 127 new devices are connected to the Internet. These devices, which are often "smart" and autonomous, belong to the ever expanding “Internet of Things.”

What happens when the IoT continues getting bigger, powered by next-gen connectivity?

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From the domestication of horses to the invention of the steam engine to the Wright brothers’ maiden flight, human history has been shaped by breakthroughs in transportation.

With autonomous vehicles and flying taxis on the horizon, are we at another turning point?

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Extended Reality

Today, most of us live double lives. Half our time is in the physical world where we eat, sleep, and hug our loved ones. The other half is in a digital world we access through screens and keyboards.

What happens when we merge these two worlds, using virtual or augmented reality?

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The rise of blockchain has minted more millionaires since 2017 than almost anything else. Blockchain and crypto assets have immense potential, but also substantial risk.

Where did this explosive technology come from, and where will it go from here?

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Renewable Energy

From 1998 to 2018, global wind and solar energy production grew by 486%, outpacing all other energy sources—which grew by only 47% on average—by 10X during this period.

How will these emerging renewables reshape the $8 trillion global energy market?

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Most people get that nano means small, but few appreciate how small. A nanometer is a billionth of a meter—to put that in perspective, a sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick.

What secrets lie at the nanoscale, and how will they transform our society?

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3D Printing

In Feb 2021, the first fully 3D printed rocket was launched into space. Normally requiring 2,700 parts and two years to assemble, this rocket was printed as a single piece... in only four days.

Is the global manufacturing industry ready for the disruptive force of 3D printing?

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Space Exploration

The first Space Race kicked off in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 into orbit. Over the next four decades, the USSR and the USA traded incredible feats back-and-forth.

Are we now on the verge of a second space race, this time fueled by private capital?

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Quantum Computing

A “quantum computer” is an almost mythical machine that can perform computations up to trillions of times faster than even a state-of-the-art NASA supercomputer.

After decades of pursuit, is a stable and scalable quantum computer finally within reach?

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Human Longevity

Due to groundbreaking research, some scientists now think we can realistically achieve “escape velocity”—the point at which each additional year of scientific progress can extend the human lifespan by even more than a year.

Just how far are we from "escape velocity?"

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